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Culture tour in Umbria

Day 1


You can come to Perugia via escalators through the underground city "Rocca Paolina" commissioned by Pope Paul III, where you can admire the Porta Marzia, Etruscan artefacts.
The National Gallery of Umbria (works by Pinturicchio and Perugino)
Collegio del Cambio
The Fontana Maggiore (thirteenth century)
Etruscan Arch (third century A.C.)
St. Angelo Temple
Pozzo Etrusco etc ...

Day 2


The Upper Church (frescoes by Giotto)
The Lower Basilica
Basilica of St. Clare
Duomo San Rufino
San Damiano Convent
Hermitage of the Carceri
S. Mary of the Angels
The Rocca (castle built by Albornoz in 1367)
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Consular Door
Baglioni Chapel (frescoes by Pinturicchio)
Tasting of'Extra Virgin Olive Oil DOP with bruschetta
St. Andrew's Church
Villa Fidelia
For Feast of Corpus Christi, the first days of June, you can enjoy "le infiorate" compositions and decorations made by floral placed along the streets of Spello.

Day 3


you can visit many Middle Ages places like:
Palace of the Consuls, where inside you can admire the famous
"Tables of Gubbio" in which the ancient Umbrian people left a epigraphic testimony of antiquity.
Palazzo del Podesta
Palazzo Ducale
Piazza Grande
During the day you can have a snack with the typical "crescia", a cake baked in the ashes, with salami.
On May 15, held in Gubbio the famous "Festa dei Ceri" folk event in honor of the patron saint St. Ubaldo.

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